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Unauthorised absences

Unacceptable Reasons for Absence

  • Truancy (absence without knowledge of Parents/Carers)
  • Minding the House
  • Shopping/running errands e.g. buying new shoes clothes
  • Looking after sick relatives
  • Looking after brothers or sisters
  • School clothing in the wash
  • Oversleeping
  • Head lice
  • Birthday
  • Parent’s illness
  • Children in another school on an Inset Day
  • Last day of term
  • Child tells the parent/carer that they do not want to go to school
  • Holiday: whole weeks and odd days
  • Routine medical and dental appointments are discouraged in school time (school are happy to support parents if they are having difficulties obtaining appointments outside of school hours.)
  • Translating for family member/ friend
  • Any other reason that the head teacher deems unacceptable