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Monitoring Attendance

It is very important that children attend school every day and that they arrive on time so they are ready for learning.

We recognise that on some occasions absences are necessary, but please be aware that a prolonged absence or regular time off school, will result in key staff getting in touch or conducting a home visit to discuss the matter further.

All children’s attendance figures will be monitored weekly

  • Attendance staff will meet weekly to analyse attendance patterns
  • Individual and whole school attendance, punctuality figures discussed and ways forward suggested.
  • Children causing concern will be discussed along with actions taken and progress towards targets.
  • All parents receive a letter if attendance falls below 90%.
  • Children with attendance less than 90% are identified as causing concern
  • Children who are regularly late are also identified as causing concern

Procedures for when attendance is causing concern

  • If at the attendance meeting the child’s attendance/punctuality continues to cause concern. Parents/carers are invited to attend an attendance/punctuality meeting in school where an EHA (Early Help Assessment) will be offered.

School follows the EH (Early Help) pathway for attendance

  • The pupil’s attendance/punctuality will be monitored until it is no longer a concern
  • If a child’s absence remains a cause of concern and after intervention by the school which will include unauthorised absences, then a referral to the Local Authority will be made.
  • If parents/carers fail to attend meetings to discuss attendance issues and attendance or punctuality does not improve within a specific time a Penalty Notice could be served.
  • Further absence or lateness could result in further court action and a custodial sentence