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ere at Eastwood Village Primary School, this year we have begun our journey down the road of “Maths Mastery”. This means we want your children to become “masters of maths”. This means, we want them to be able to solve problems, use reasoning skills to be able to explain their learning and become fluent in all areas of the curriculum.


To begin our journey:

  • We have been focussing on the language we use in Maths to explain our thinking.
  • We are all taking part in “Maths Mash Ups” sessions across school. This is where we do quick tasks to help us remember the things we have already learned in our class.
  • We are also on TTRockstars. This is a child friendly website where the children can practise their times tables to support their understanding and how quick they can answer them. Each child has a username and password which means they can go on it at home too – ask your child’s teacher for more information.

We will be holding a whole school maths week in September. There will be fun activities for the whole family in breakfast club and other times. Make sure you watch out for the date!