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Art and Design stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness and is a fundamental means of personal expression. Pupils learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.

Our Art curriculum

Here at Eastwood Village Primary school, we believe that children should have access to a high quality Art and Design curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to include many skills in a variety of mediums. Teachers plan and deliver Art both explicitly through individual lessons and through creative activities across the wider curriculum. This ensures that children are practicing their art skills in as meaningful a way as possible and encourages and supports the use of language across the school.

Our curriculum allows children to build upon their artistic knowledge through artists study. Children are able to explore, discuss and compare similarities and differences in artist’s work to inspire them and use in their own art work.

We provide children with a pedagogy of art based on the development of key art areas including;

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printing
  • Collage
  • Textiles
  • Sculpture

Our children explore these key art areas across two years allowing them time to practise their skills. Each area is then revisited and built upon as children progress through their key stages at school. As our children leave us and progress to their secondary education they will have had many opportunities to explore and engage in a broad curriculum of Art.

Our Progression of skills

EVPS Art and Design skills FS

EVPS Art – Progression of Skills


Curriculum Map

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our school provides many opportunities for children to explore art further through extra-curricular activities at our after-school art club and our holiday clubs. We also recognise out Gifted and Talented pupils who team together for whole school projects throughout the year.

After School Club

Local Freelance Artist (Lucy Strutt)

Winter Art Club

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Continual Professional development

In order to provide our children with a high quality and stimulating Art curriculum, we ensure that all staff are confident in planning and delivering art. Alongside our clear progression of skills, Key Vocabulary, assessment statements and knowledge organisers, staff receive both in house and External training (E.G. IVE, ROSIS).

Training is based on key areas that staff have requested or would like to improve upon. Our training provides staff with an opportunity to explore a variety of Art skills and techniques for themselves with focused time to practise and reflect on how to apply and model these techniques to their own planning and teaching.

Our most beneficial training session has been to discuss how a sequence of lessons for Art progresses. All our staff are now confident in providing lessons that are informative about Artists, Movements and Cultures and are able to build a sequence of skills whilst allowing time and opportunities for children to explore and use these skills to create their own outcome.

We aim for all of our staff to feel confident in creating an appropriate learning environment for Art and providing an enjoyable learning experience that enriches our curriculum.

In House Staff Training

Sequence of lessons

Art drawing skills

Printing skills

Our Virtual Training Sessions on Visual Arts



Artist of The Week 2021-2022

Art Week