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Art and Design stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness and is a fundamental means of personal expression. Pupils learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.

Our Art curriculum

Here at Eastwood Village Primary school, we believe that children should have access to a high quality Art and Design curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to include many skills in a variety of mediums. Teachers plan and deliver Art both explicitly through individual lessons and through creative activities across the wider curriculum. This ensures that children are practicing their art skills in as meaningful a way as possible and encourages and supports the use of language across the school.


There are many opportunities throughout the year for children to showcase their artistic talents and deepen their interest in the arts. Work is celebrated with pupils and families across school through our displays (including our Artist of the week showcase), in our weekly work sharing assembly and through galleries, most notably Art Week in the summer term.

Our school provides many opportunities for children to explore art further through extra-curricular activities at our after school art club and our holiday clubs. We also recognise out Gifted and Talented pupils who team together for whole school projects throughout the year.

Visit our Gallery page to see some of our students artistic talents.


‘Every young person should have the opportunity to be creative, and to experience and participate in arts and culture.’

This year we have begun our Artsmark journey to bring learning to life through arts, culture and creativity.

Artsmark’s Aims:

  1. Build young people’s confidence, character and resilience through creativity
  2. Support the health and wellbeing of pupils through arts and culture
  3. Strengthen pupil voice and develop young people’s leadership skills through Artsmark
  4. Use a clear and flexible framework to embed creativity across the whole curriculum and address school improvement priorities
  5. Access professional support, advice and resources to strengthen the arts provision
  6. Celebrate a long-term commitment to cultural education with pupils, parents and the local community
  7. Develop new partnerships with the country’s most treasured cultural organisations, providing young people with exciting opportunities

We look forward to sharing our journey over the next two years.








Useful Links

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