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Sports Grant

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Physical Education & Sport Grant (PESG)
Total number of pupils on roll (excluding F1) 193
Total number of pupils eligible for PESG 193
Total Amount of Physical Education & Sports Grant £17,510


Background & Context of PESG
PESG was introduced from April 2013 so that schools could improve the quality and breadth of their physical and sport education.  Funding continues to be available for 2019-2012.

Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding with the expectation that there will be an increased participation by primary aged pupils in PE & Sport so that they develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

From September 2013, inspectors will assess and report on how effectively this funding is being used to improve PE & Sports provision.


Rationale of PESG
Eastwood Village Primary School is committed to enabling all pupils to achieve to the best of their abilities.  As well as adopting healthy lifestyles we want our children to enjoy, regularly participate in and reach the highest sporting performance level they are capable of.
PESG Project Spending
Project Objective Cost Intended Outcomes
Specialist PE Teacher assigned to deliver PE & support staff CPD Designate a specialist PE Teacher to work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in teaching PE and Sports

Different teachers to be targeted each term to ensure all staff receive CPD.

£15,000- to reflect 0.5 Teacher Release



Teachers have effective CPD so are skilled up in their knowledge and understanding of teaching PE and Sports.  3X Teachers Experience Targeted support to deliver future lessons independently.

FS1- Y6 Children receive high quality tuition to develop physical competence, fitness and mental well- being.

Children gain a love of Sports and PE

The quality of teaching and learning of PE and Sport in lessons is at least good.  80% of lessons

After Schools Clubs & Holiday Provision Provide opportunities for children to access sports clubs delivered by a range of internal and external staff.


£50 X 39 weeks

£1950- After School Provision

£500 X 3= £1500

Holiday Club Provision.


To widen participation, an Increased number of children will be able to access a range of after school provision. From 20 children to 25 attend a physically active club.  25 % increase.


Sports Leaders Trained for lunchtime provision. Provide training for lunch time staff so that they can provide high quality playground games at breaks and lunchtimes. £1000 Children’s access to quality PE and Sports is maximised by providing quality break and lunchtime activities.  6 leaders Trained through the year.

Children gain a love of Sports and PE



Attendance at Inter and Intra level competitions. Children are given the opportunity to compete against teams from other settings. Kit purchased and replenished as required. £ 300

Transport costs

£ 1000

Children gain a love of Sports and PE

6 festivals/ events attended through the year.

4 Gifted and Talented pupils sign posted to community/ educational opportunities.

Swimming proficiency and participation increased Children are offered swimming lessons to develop stroke competence and water safety. £1000 Swimming proficiency and participation increased for targeted pupils.
£20,750 Grant £17,510

Evidencing Impact:  Academic Year 2018 – 2019 Total spend £17,070

What did you do and when? Why did you do this? What did it cost?
1.M2 PE Specialist Teacher delivered PE lessons in school.




2. Live & Learn Sports Coaches & additional sports Providers a delivered after school clubs open to KS2 pupils.  Summer Term



3.Sports Coaches also ran, Extra curricula holiday club sessions during October Break Easter and Summer




4.Additional Swimming lessons & kit were provided for Y5/6 pupils.


5.  10 Sports Leaders Trained

To ensure pupils received high quality PE and Sports tuition. To ensure staff gained CPD opportunities.



For a widening range of children to access a range of after – school provision.




To ensure children are given opportunities to try a range of sporting activities.

To increase physical activity levels of pupils.



To enhance swimming skills proficiency levels.



To increase physical activity levels at lunchtime.




Live & learn Provision £1000









Swimming Lessons & swimming kit for Y5/6 Pupils £1000