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School Aims


Eastwood Village Primary School and the resources invested in the project, provide a unique opportunity for us all to change rhetoric to reality. As a school community we must be relentless in our drive to ensure we deliver the very best for our pupils. By working together we can break the cycle of low aspirations and resultant low outcomes. We want to eradicate the poverty of expectation and instil in every member of our school and our wider community, a personal resolve and drive to succeed. We will adopt a ‘Yes We Can’ mentality to all our endeavours in school and want our pupils to take that mental strength into their own personal lives. That way we will unlock potential and that way we will change lives.

The school will be a focal point for the local community to utilise for family support, personal growth and creativity. It is envisaged that the children’s centre will have a flexible co location and community services would have a base to serve our families.

School Ambitions

  • A centre of excellence for outstanding teaching and learning.
  • A research and development hub investigating the most effective teaching methodologies.
  • A school of philosophy where communication, reasoning and questioning are of fundamental value.
  • A green school where the environment and all its wonders are respected, understood and appreciated.
  • A place where healthy lifestyles are encouraged through balanced diet, fitness and physical activity and emotional well-being.
  • A creative school where opportunities for self and group expression in any form are celebrated.
  • A hub of tolerance, respect and empathy which reaches out to all – locally, nationally and internationally.
  • A site where technology is advanced but utilised ethically and morally and with due respect to all.
  • A happy, positive, ambitious and safe place where children and adults believe in each other.